03 JUN 2016 by ideonexus

 Liberal Arts Majors in Technical Professions

While we’ve hired many computer-science majors that have been critical team members, It’s noncomputer science degree holders who can see the forest through the trees. For example, our chief operating officer is a brilliant, self-­taught engineer with a degree in philosophy from the University of Chicago. He has risen above the code to lead a team that is competitive globally. His determination and critical-thinking skills empower him to leverage the power of technology without getting bo...
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Reminds me of my own career graduating with an English Degree and going into Computer Programming.

01 SEP 2014 by ideonexus

 Consider Eliminating the Humanities

To stop teaching literature and the other arts on the grounds that they're bad for us would be like refusing to study diseases because they're bad for us. However, maybe there should be a moratorium on requiring those who don't really want to, to take courses in the "humanities." We first have to figure out where we are. Then if we decide that every college student should be exposed to the "humanities," let us also insist that every one of them be exposed to the sciences, social sciences, and...
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Why must all college students study the humanities, but are given a free pass for the sciences?

29 MAY 2014 by ideonexus

 Blurred Boundaries in the Sciences

Science is taking on a new aspect which is neither purely physical nor purely biological. It is becoming the study of organisms. Biology is the Study of the larger organisms; whereas physics is the study of the smaller organisms.
Folksonomies: sciences
Folksonomies: sciences
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Biology and physics are a false dichotomy.