30 DEC 2016 by ideonexus


Magnus broods in his black tower, peering into the depths of the Great Ocean for validation, a sign that he was right to act as he did. He will find nothing, for there is nothing to find. His actions were never his own, for he forgot the first rule of the mysteries. He let his ambition and hubris blind him to his flaws and the knowledge that there is always someone stronger and more powerful out there. I will not make that mistake. But we are still creatures of flesh and inclined to repe...
Folksonomies: disputation contrarian
Folksonomies: disputation contrarian
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28 DEC 2016 by ideonexus

 Political Detox - Why Political Discussions Become Disres...

For one week, political stories are off-topic. Please flag them. Please also flag political threads on non-political stories. For our part, we'll kill such stories and threads when we see them. Then we'll watch together to see what happens. Why? Political conflicts cause harm here. The values of Hacker News are intellectual curiosity and thoughtful conversation. Those things are lost when political emotions seize control. Our values are fragile—they're like plants that get forgotten, then ...
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02 JAN 2014 by ideonexus

 Resolving Contradictions in Society

In the conditions prevailing in China today, the contradictions among the people comprise the contradictions within the working class, the contradictions within the peasantry, the contradictions within the intelligentsia, the contradictions between the working class and the peasantry, the contradictions between the workers and peasants on the one hand and the intellectuals on the other, the contradictions between the working class and other sections of the working people on the one hand and t...
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The term "contradictions" here describes social conflicts, conflicts of interest.

13 APR 2013 by ideonexus

 We Are Against Everything, but For Nothing

People who publicly protest are not only passionate and well meaning; they are also generally well informed. I found it incongruous that these same people advocated no real solutions. They appeared passionate about what they were against, but when it came time to propose an alternative course of action, they seemed befuddled. It occurred to me I was witnessing some new form of gridlock: If we are against the war and also simultaneously against every withdrawa plan, how do we move forward? T...
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For every proposal, it seems like there are twenty objections. Is this human nature? It does make us easy to manipulate.