23 SEP 2023 by ideonexus

 Branding Encourages You to be "More Yourself"

When the language of advertising and personal branding enjoins you to “be yourself,” what it really means is “be more yourself,” where “yourself” is a consistent and recognizable pattern of habits, desires, and drives that can be more easily advertised to and appropriated, like units of capital. In fact, I don’t know what a personal brand is other than a reliable, unchanging pattern of snap judgments: “I like this” and “I donâ€...
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03 JAN 2012 by ideonexus

 We Are Moving to a World Where Only Advertising is Worth ...

If you want to know what’s really going on in a society or ideology, follow the money. If money is flowing to advertising instead of musicians, journalists, and artists, then a society is more concerned with manipulation than truth or beauty. If content is worthless, then people will start to become empty-headed and contentless. The combination of hive mind and advertising has resulted in a new kind of social contract. The basic idea of this contract is that authors, journalists, musicians...
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Artists are being forced to give away their content for free, making it essentially worthless. When content is worthless, people will become contentless.

30 AUG 2011 by ideonexus

 Advertising Works Because People are Ignorant

According to the estimate of a prominent advertising firm, above 90 per cent, of the earning capacity of the prominent nostrums is represented by their advertising. And all this advertising is based on the well-proven theory of the public's pitiable ignorance and gullibility in the vitally important matter of health.
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...and, worst of all, their ignorance has to do mostly with their own health.

29 MAY 2011 by ideonexus

 Evangelize Evangelize Evangelize

It's interesting that once you have the shell of a successful mind virus set up, you can just plug in any agenda you have as long as it doesn't interfere with the virus's primary function of self-replication. There are many examples of such virus shells in modern life: - Political campaign organizations. These often use the same basic formula: renting a vacant shell of office space, calling people and asking them to volunteer, and then having those volunteers call still more volunteers. The v...
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Promote the memes you support and tie them into memes about improving the quality of life.

29 MAY 2011 by ideonexus

 Rhetoric of Beer Advertising

Beer commercials are notorious for this kind of treatment. "Sell the sizzle, not the steak," goes the advertising truism. Well, why not? When you're pushing a product made from rotten vegetation whose primary effects are to dull your wits, pad your paunch, and make you belch, any sizzle would be a big help.
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Selling the product of rotting vegetation involves a lot of sex.

17 MAY 2011 by ideonexus

 Commercial Culture is Full of Misdirections and Evasions

T.H. Huxley's formulation was The foundation of morality is to . . . give up pretending to believe that for which there is no evidence, and repeating unintelligible propositions about things beyond the possibilities of knowledge. Clement, Hume, Paine and Huxley were all talking about religion. But much of what they wrote has more general applications - for example to the pervasive background importunings of our commercial civilization: there is a class of aspirin commercials in which acto...
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Carl Sagan reviews the silly rhetoric in medicine commercials.