23 JAN 2011 by ideonexus

 Attention is the Fundamental Literacy

Attention is the fundamental literacy. Every second I spend online, I make decisions about where to spend my attention. Should I devote any mindshare at all to this comment or that headline? — a question I need to answer each time an attractive link catches my eye. Simply becoming aware of the fact that life online requires this kind of decision-making was my first step in learning to tune a fundamental filter on what I allow into my head — a filter that is under my control only if I prac...
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Life online requires properly allocating our attention to maximize our productivity.

03 JAN 2011 by ideonexus

 Internet Rule: Don't Get Into Silly Fights

If you forget this rule, the visibility you will have on the Net is likely to remind you. (Too often, people get into ridiculous flame wars that are embarrasing to all who watch.) In general, it is easier to walk away from conflicts on the Net than it may be in real life. You can refuse to read someone's mail and refuse to let him provoke you once you've left an argument. Just don't let public postings lure you back in. If something or someone is holding you back or annoying you, you don't ne...
Folksonomies: internet virtues flame wars
Folksonomies: internet virtues flame wars
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A great principle for life online. Avoid flame wars. They just make you and the other person look silly to the whole world.