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 Realism in "A Song of Ice and Fire"

Game of Thrones takes place in a land that feels somewhat post-apocalyptic — there are occasional glimmers of hints that something really bad might have happened to Westeros long ago, and that's the reason for the irregular and attenuated seasons. But even more than that, we know Westeros is on the brink of a zombie apocalypse from the very first moment of the story. And part of the genius of Martin's slow-as-soil-erosion storytelling is that the zombie threat never quite arrives, but we ke...
Folksonomies: fiction fantasy criticism
Folksonomies: fiction fantasy criticism
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The engaging storytelling is the result of its connection to how the world works with gray characters and glacial problems.

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 problem is not technology but your lack of will to adapt

The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0970416/quotes
Folksonomies: immortality prescience
Folksonomies: immortality prescience

Prof.Barnhardt: There must be alternatives. You must have some technology that could solve our problem.

Klaatu: Your problem is not technology. The problem is you. You lack the will to change.

Prof. Barnhardt: Then help us change.

Klaatu: I cannot change your nature. You treat the world as you treat each other.

Prof.Barnhardt: But every civilization reaches a crisis point eventually.

Klaatu: Most of them don't make it.

Prof. Barnhardt: Yours did. How?

Klaatu: Our sun was dying. We had to evolve in order to survive.

Prof.Barnhardt: So it was only when your world was threated with destruction that you became what you are now.

Klaatu: Yes.

Prof.Barnhardt: Well that's where we are. You say we're on the brink of destruction and you're right. But it's only on the brink that people find the will to change. Only at the precipice do we evolve. This is our moment. Don't take it from us, we are close to an answer.

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 The Political Environmental Conundrum

Action regarding the environment requires objectivity, precision, accuracy, validity, replication, constructive criticism, and consensus. Scientists, engineers, and economists have to stay focused on putting accurate data into the hands of decision makers, while they explain their findings to the public, which, in the end, wields decisive power in a free society. Mechanisms must be developed to transform highly technical findings into governmental and economic policies. If we can reach a po...
Folksonomies: politics environmentalism
Folksonomies: politics environmentalism
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Gingrich succinctly explains the political, scientific, and media schisms that promote inaction concerning environmental issues.