02 NOV 2013 by ideonexus

 Children Come First

Savage: When somebody writes me a letter and says, “X happened, I’m thinking I should leave.” My first response is always, “Do you have children?” That’s going to color my advice because I think the needs of children and the damage they may experience has to be factored in, and maybe you should suck it up for your kids. Klein: The tension that’s emerged mostly since the 1950s is between doing what’s best for your kids versus your self-actualization. The therapy industry is p...
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The time for self-actualization and personal reinvention is over when you have children. You may continue to change gradually and self-improve, but dramatic change is irresponsible. Children need stability.

28 JUN 2013 by ideonexus

 Cognitive Benefits of Bilingualism

In stark contrast to early suspicions that bilingual children were at risk of retardation or at best, “mentally confused” (Bialystok, 2005), recent research links bilingualism to cognitive reserve and suggests it may offer protection against dementia in old age. Cognitive reserve describes a kind of resilience which appears to mediate the relationship between brain pathology and the clinical expression of that pathology; it is thought that this resilience derives from more efficient use o...
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It protects against the onset of dementia in old age and produces numerous sensory and executive cognitive benefits in life.