02 SEP 2016 by ideonexus

 Shadow Libraries and the Conflict Between Preservation an...

All this to say that although barriers to acquisition are low, the barriers to active participation are high and continually increase with time. The absorption of smaller collections by larger favors the veterans. Rules and regulations grow in complexity with the maturation of the community, further widening the rift between senior and junior peers. We are then witnessing something like the institutionalization of a professional “librarian” class, whose task it is to protect the collectio...
Folksonomies: libraries library curation
Folksonomies: libraries library curation
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24 MAR 2016 by ideonexus

 Tips for Parents to Encourage Reading

Read to your child. Try to read to your child every day. Read from a wide variety of materials and books. Encourage writing. Encourage your child to scribble and pretend write if they are young. Encourage older children to write stories and letters and share them with the family. Have writing materials readily available. Have reading material at home. Have a wide variety of books, children's magazines, and newspapers available for children to read or look at. Get your child a libr...
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18 NOV 2013 by ideonexus

 Declaration for the Right to Libraries

LIBRARIES CHANGE LIVES Declaration for the Right to Libraries In the spirit of the United States Declaration of Independence and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we believe that libraries are essential to a democratic society. Every day, in countless communities across our nation and the world, millions of children, students and adults use libraries to learn, grow and achieve their dreams. In addition to a vast array of books, computers and other resources, library users benefit fro...
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Libraries empower, ennoble, and enlighten.

11 OCT 2013 by ideonexus

 The Library of Babel

Like all men of the Library, I have traveled in my youth; I have wandered in search of a book, perhaps the catalogue of catalogues; now that my eyes can hardly decipher what I write, I am preparing to die just a few leagues from the hexagon in which I was born. Once I am dead, there will be no lack of pious hands to throw me over the railing; my grave will be the fathomless air; my body will sink endlessly and decay and dissolve in the wind generated by the fall, which is infinite. I say that...
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The library contains every permutation of 25 characters that can fit in a book, resulting in 25^1,312,000 books. The librarians investigating the library search for books of ultimate meaning, but the author notes for every book containing a fact a book exists containing the opposite assertion.