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 1.9 Cases of Leukemia per 10,000 CT Scans in Children

In the breakdown of results, the study authors from Group Health Research Institute and University of California, Davis note that the risk of developing leukemia was highest from head scans for kids under age 5 with a rate of 1.9 cases per 10,000 CT scans. Younger children and girls seemed more susceptible to solid cancers than older kids and boys. Every 300 to 390 scans of a girl’s abdomen or pelvis was associated with the development of one solid cancer. The study estimates that 4,870 fut...
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18 OCT 2011 by Brain Factory

 Cancer cells that produce their own anti-cancer medication

Protein ‘switches’ could turn cancer cells into tiny chemotherapy factories September 30, 2011 by Editor Johns Hopkins researchers say they have devised a protein “switch” that instructs cancer cells to produce their own anti-cancer medication. The researchers, led by Marc Ostermeier, a Johns Hopkins chemical and biomolecular engineering professor in the Whiting School of Engineering, showed that these switches, working from inside the cells, can activate a powerful cell-ki...
Folksonomies: cancer medicine
Folksonomies: cancer medicine
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Scientist work towards devising a protein "switch" that will instruct cancer cells to produce their own anti-cancer medication without hurting healthy cells, unlike chemotherapy.