Institute for Social Invention's Scientist's Oath

I vow to practice my profession with conscience and dignity; 
I will strive to apply my skills only with the utmost respect for the well-being of humanity, the earth, and all its species; 
I will not permit considerations of nationality, politics, prejudice, or material advancement to intervene between my work and this duty to present and future generations. 
I make this Oath solemnly, freely, and upon my honor.


Focuses on dignity, respect, conservation, and clear, neutral judgement.

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 The Hippocratic Oath for Scientists, Engineers and Executives
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Institute for Social Invention, (11/25/2008), The Hippocratic Oath for Scientists, Engineers and Executives, The Institute for Social Invention, Retrieved on 2011-06-02
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  • Folksonomies: ethics scientist oath oath


    02 JUN 2011

     The Scientist's Oath

    Variations on a Hippocratic Oath for scientists.
    Folksonomies: ethics oath
    Folksonomies: ethics oath