The Encyclopedia Could Only Emerge in an Enlightened Age

I have I have said I have said that it could only belong to a philosophical age to attempt an encyclopidie; and I have said this because such a work constantly demands more intellectual daring than is commonly found in ages of pusillanimous taste. All things must be examined, debated, investigated without exception and without regard for anyone's feelings. . . . We must ride roughshod over all these ancient puerilities, overturn the barriers that reason never erected, give back to the arts and sciences the needed a reasoning age when men would no longer seek the rules in classical authors but in nature, when men would be conscious of what is false and true about so many arbitrary treatises on aesthetics: and I take the term treatise on aesthetics in its most general meaning, that of a system of given rules to which it is claimed that one must conform in any genre whatsoever in order to succeed. . .


Where ideas may be openly debated and discussed, and people exist who are interested in giving back to society.

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Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book Chapter:  Diderot, Denis (1755), Encyclopédie, Vol. 5 (1755), pp. 635–648A, Paris, Retrieved on 2011-05-30
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