Burning Coals Warms Us With the Warmth of the Sun

From the cold garden, you run into the house, and find the fire laid indeed in the grate, but the wood dead and the coals black, waiting to be lighted. You strike a match, and soon there is a blazing fire. Where does the heat come from? Why do the coals burn and give out a glowing light? Have you not read of gnomes buried down deep in the earth, in mines, and held fast there till some fairy wand has released them, and allowed them to come to earth again? Well, thousands and millions of years ago, those coals were plants; and like the snowdrop in the garden of to-day, they caught the sunbeams and worked them into their leaves. Then the plants died and were buried deep in the earth and the sunbeams with them; and like the gnomes they lay imprisoned till the coals were dug out by the miners, and brought to your grate; and just now you yourself took hold of the fairy wand which was to release them. You struck a match, and its atoms clashing with atoms of oxygen in the air, set the invisible fairies "heat" and "chemical attraction" to work, and they were soon busy within the wood and the coals causing their atoms too to clash; and the sunbeams, so long imprisoned, leapt into flame. Then you spread out your hands and cried, "Oh, how nice and warm!" and little thought that you were warming yourself with the sunbeams of ages and ages ago.


Releasing the sunbeams stored in them long ago.

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 The Fairy-Land of Science
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Buckley , Arabella B. (2009-12-31), The Fairy-Land of Science, Book Jungle, Retrieved on 2011-05-20
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    10 APR 2013

     Unwinding the Sun from Coal and Trees

    Fire is Unwinding the Sun's Energy from the Trees > Comparison > Burning Coals Warms Us With the Warmth of the Sun
    Both are stored energy from the Sun. Potential turned to work when burned.
    Folksonomies: thermodynamics sun energy
    Folksonomies: thermodynamics sun energy