Esports Workout Regimen

Eating right, sleeping right, exercising, cleaning up for sponsors — these ideas have undergirded traditional sports for generations. In e-sports, they are regarded as almost radical.

“They don’t look at themselves as physical human beings,” said Hvidt, who won the European handball championship with Denmark in 2008.

“It’s common sense, in a way. But with them it was not.”

Rfrsh has a validating narrative under its belt. The company’s other team, Astralis, which competes internationally in the first-person shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, had gone almost a year without winning a tournament when Hvidt joined the organization in mid-2017. In 2018, the team earned $3.7 million in prize money while putting together one of the most dominant years ever by any team in any e-sports game.

And so Origen this year has set off on the same journey of athletic self-improvement. As recently as last year, the players’ typical day might have been a sedentary extravaganza of sugary energy drinks, fast food and unresolved psychic tension. Now, their days are interposed with protein smoothies, yoga mats and slow-paced breathing exercises.

The effects of those changes, the team said, have been plain to see: After starting the current season with a 1-4 record, Origen went on a tear, winning 11 of its final 13 matches, finishing the regular season in second place and securing a first-round bye for the playoffs, which began Friday.

“These are little things,” Fabian Broich, Origen’s assistant coach, said. “But they add up, and over the long term you have a more emotionally stable team and a more focused team.”


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 E-Sports Embraces Traditional Training Methods: Less Pizza, More Yoga
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