"Scandals" - Animals Evolved from Cancer Cells

Panchin knows the idea of cancer-derived animals sounds far-fetched — so much so that, in the paper, he and his co-authors refer to them as Scandals (an acronym for “speciated by cancer development animals”).


According to Panchin’s three-step scenario, a Scandal would start off as a cancer, but not just any cancer. It would have to be transmissible, so that it wouldn’t die when its host did. Then the cancer would have to spread to other species, and then independently evolve multicellularity. Those steps might seem to present insurmountable barriers, and yet there’s reason to believe each one could have happened.


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 Can New Species Evolve From Cancers? Maybe. Here’s How.
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Wilcox, Christie (2019-08-19), Can New Species Evolve From Cancers? Maybe. Here’s How., Retrieved on 2019-11-07
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