Old Movies are SJW Too

When people say they just want 'good stories' and no politics or 'SJW' issues in their entertainment-what they are saying is that when they were kids, they completely missed the subtext of every story, movie, comic book, etc they took in. These stories have always been political.

Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, X-Men, Wonder Woman, on and on and on- these are Political / 'SJW' stories. And the message, if you were paying attention at all is one of inclusion, deep compassion for your fellow man, and social justice.

So if you look at say, Ms. Marvel, The Last Jedi, Black Panther, or whatever and say- "I just want stories like when I was a kid, get these politics outta my face!" The truth is- you weren't a very observant kid. And you grew into a stunted adult. You missed something vital.

Superman is a story of an immigrant coming to America, and we're all stronger by him being here. Spider-Man is about using your power to benefit everyone, not just yourself. Star Wars is anti-authoritarian, Star Trek is a socialist utopia driven by exploration and science.

Harry Potter is about racism, and the idea of 'genetic superiority', and the insane idea of being better than someone else by the virtue of your birth. These ideas are not even subtext- they're right in your damn face, if you bother to open your eyes.

If anyone ever tells you that these new stories & movies have 'forced diversity' or are pushing "Liberal Agendas"-what they are telling you is they missed everything about what made the stories they do like- great.

I have no idea how to make this clearer. It just makes me sad.


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