Inversion of Information and Attention

What’s happened is, really rapidly, we’ve undergone this tectonic shift, this inversion between information and attention. Most of the systems that we have in society—whether it’s news, advertising, even our legal systems—still assume an environment of information scarcity. The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, but it doesn’t necessarily protect freedom of attention. There wasn’t really anything obstructing people’s attention at the time it was written. Back in an information-scarce environment, the role of a newspaper was to bring you information—your problem was lacking it. Now it’s the opposite. We have too much.


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 Modern Media Is a DoS Attack on Your Free Will
Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  GALLAGHER, BRIAN (SEPTEMBER 21, 2017), Modern Media Is a DoS Attack on Your Free Will, Retrieved on 2017-11-21
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    05 JAN 2023

     Fighting Digital Distraction

    Digital Literacy means having the power to resist the attention economy, taking our focus back, and producing rather than consuming.