pplapi.com (pronounced “people API”) is a web-based data service that provides access to a synthetic world population, n = 7, 171, 922, 938. Researchers can submit queries to pplapi.com using its Application Programming Interface (API) to obtain samples consisting of synthetic agents drawn from this population. Because researchers do not need to host the synthetic population themselves, pplapi.com reduces start-up costs associated with using synthetic agents in research. pplapi.com provides a canonical namespace for Agent Based Social Simulations, permitting comparisons between models implemented with disparate modeling frameworks and programming languages. pplapi.com follows in the tradition of reference data sets that were historically difficult to compute.


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 A Synthetic World Population for Agent-Based Social Simulation.
Periodicals>Journal Article:  MILLER, IAN DENNIS and CUPCHIK, GERALD C. , A Synthetic World Population for Agent-Based Social Simulation., Retrieved on 2017-01-11
  • Source Material [imiller.utsc.utoronto.ca]
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