Three Kinds of Chauvinists

VEDANTAM: She says she divided the men who had stereotypes about her into three categories.

DUKE: One was the flirting chauvinists, and that person was really viewing me in a way that was sexual.

VEDANTAM: With the guys who were like that, Annie could make nice.

DUKE: I never did go out on a date with any of them, but you know, it was kind of flirtatious at the table. And I could use that to my advantage.

VEDANTAM: And then there was the disrespecting chauvinist. Annie says these players though women weren't creative.

DUKE: There are strategies that you can use against them. Mainly, you can bluff those people a lot.

VEDANTAM: And then there's a third kind of guy, perhaps the most reckless.

DUKE: The angry chauvinist.

VEDANTAM: This is a guy who would do anything to avoid being beaten by a woman. Annie says you can't bluff an angry chauvinist. You just have to wait.

DUKE: What I say is, until they would impale themselves on your chips.


...and how a female poker player used their bias against them at the poker table.

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 How Poker Player Annie Duke Used Gender Stereotypes To Win Matches
Audiovisual Media>Audio Recording:  Duke, Annie (SEPTEMBER 28, 2015), How Poker Player Annie Duke Used Gender Stereotypes To Win Matches, NPR, Retrieved on 2015-11-12
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