Changing Spelling Removes Word Associations

Take the word ghost, for example. Always having seen it speld in this way, we hav come to associate the feelings arousd by the idea ghost with its accustomd form of visual representation. To meet the word in our reading instantly and instinctivly excites those feelings in our minds. To meet the same word speld gost, shorn of its familiar h, shocks us, and causes a temporary mental inhibition of the idea. The word seems to hav lost, with the missing letter, something of the wierdness and mistery we hav always associated with it. To deny this would be to deny an experience common to every one who has used or red simplified spelling.


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 Handbook of Simplified Spelling
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Paine, Hanry Gallup (2009-06), Handbook of Simplified Spelling, BiblioBazaar, LLC, Retrieved on 2015-03-12
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    31 DEC 2010

     Arguments for English Spelling Reform

    This schema is a collection of arguments about how proper grammar, with its illogical and inconsistently applied rules, is used by academics and intellectuals to create a privileged class of people who's ideas deserve considering because they have successfully learned the irrational system.
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    Folksonomies: phonetics grammar