Tabletop RPGs are Better than Video Game RPGs

You see, in this day of amazing technology, lightning fast communications and constant, exciting innovation, there is nothing that comes close to role-playing. That's because we utilize the ultimate computer, the one that can think for itself, imagine and dream - the human mind.

No machine can match it. No machine can "imagine" and "create" fictional characters, places, and ideas that exist only in the mind of that individual and share it with others. No machine can read words and "see" them as pictures and events as if watching a motion picture. Computers can not imagine brave and noble heroes, exotic D-Bees, fabulous aliens, terrifying monsters, treacherous villains, alien worlds or magic or super abilities that defy logic. But we can. We human beings can unleash the power of the imagination to create incredible works of art, vision, and imagination. We can use that power to cure disease, build, bridge impossible barriers, travel to the moon, and see ourselves as something more than animals. That amazing power is what we tap when we role-play.

We role-playing gamers use our power of imagination to create and tell stories. Stories each and every player in the group helps to mold through his or her character's actions and interaction with others in the gaming group. Together, we create a shared experience visualized in our heads. Together we shape an epic story of adventure and heroism. We remember it the same as we would a great movie or a book, only the memories are sharper and much more personal because we, through our fictional characters and bold imaginations, were part of the story. Our interaction, camaraderie, quick thinking, and a little luck of the dice saved the day. Heck, maybe even saved a world! And the only place this epic battle took place and is recorded, is in the minds and hearts of the participants. Man, oh man, you can not get any more unique, special and personal than that.

Our imaginations beat the best computer graphics or Hollywood special effects hands down, because the human mind can think of and visualize ANYTHING! And the suspense, excitement and action can't get any more vivid, because you are there - through your fictional character. You are the "actor" playing the knight, thief, cyborg, Juicer, spell weaving Line Walker, dragon or D-Bee. More than an actor, you are helping to write the script - to build the story. You, the player, through your character, your imaginary playing piece, can change events as they unfold. Together, working with the Game Master (the architect and director of our adventuring), you and your fellow players can be the hero or the goat. And if one falters, his buddy (another fictional character under another player's complete control) is there to lend a hand, sword or magic spell. It doesn't get any more interactive than that!


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 Rifts Game Master Guide
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Siembieda, Kevin and Coffin, Bill (2006), Rifts Game Master Guide, Palladium Books, Retrieved on 2015-02-25
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    22 FEB 2015

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    Folksonomies: rpgs role-playing games