When Politics Gives Way to Physics

People who take pride in the same object can form a knightly order but not a brotherhood of loving sons. However, as soon as pride in the exploits of the fathers is replaced by grief over their death, we will begin to perceive the Earth as a graveyard and nature as a death-bearing force. Then politics will yield to physics, which cannot be separated from astronomy. Then the Earth will be seen as a heavenly body and the stars as so many earths. The convergence of all sciences in astronomy is a most simple, natural and unscholarly phenomenon, demanded by feeling as well as by any mind not addicted to abstraction. In this convergence mythical patrification will become actual resuscitation, and the regulation of all the worlds by all the resurrected generations.


The "object" here is pride in culture, nations, and states. The "resurrected generations" refers to the transhuman belief that we will resurrect our dead to join us one day.

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 What was man created for?
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Fedorov, Nikolań≠ Fedorovich (1990-12), What was man created for?, Hyperion Books, Retrieved on 2015-01-15
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    22 FEB 2015


    From our current human state of being to the transhuman future and the many species of posthuman our children may become.