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agalmics: A form of economics concerning the "study and practice of the production and allocation of non-scarce goods," primarily via free-market trading, open-source initiatives, and flexible standards for intellectual property. Consult Robert Levin's "The Marginalization of Scarcity" for more information.

anarcho-capitalism: A political philosophy which proposes the replacement of governments with the free market. For more information see wikipedia:anarcho-capitalism.

avabits: One avabit is wikipedia:Avogadro's Number of bits; about 6 * 10^23 bits (over 68 billion terabytes).

Cartesian theatre: Descartes suggested that the brain served to pre-process sensory information and deliver it to the "seat of the soul," or homunculus (Latin, literally, "little man"). He proposed that this function might be somewhat like the viewing of a play, wherein the sole audience member, the soul, views the perceptions delivered by the brain as if in a theatre. Thus the "Cartesian Theatre."

eigenface: In layperson's terms, eigenfaces are a set of "standardized face ingredients", derived from statistical analysis of many pictures of faces. Any human face can be considered to be a combination of these standard faces. For more information see wikipedia:eigenface.

exocortex: See wikipedia:exocortex. See also Chapter Guide, below.

extropian: Extropians share an optimistic view of the future, expecting considerable advances in computational power, life extension, nanotechnology and the like. Many extropians foresee the eventual realization of unlimited maximum life spans, and the recovery, thanks to future advances in biomedical technology, of those whose bodies/brains have been preserved by means of cryonics. See wikipedia:Extropianism.

Lobster stomatogastric ganglion (STG): This is a well-studied network of neurons found in the lobster which controls the rhythmic contractions of stomach muscles and intra-stomach teeth. Neurobiologists treat this ganglion as a model system for understanding central pattern generators, a generic term for networks of neurons which control repetitive behavior. The neurons of the ganglion have been simulated on computers by many researchers at varying degrees of abstraction. (neuroethology link) see links to papers

Metacortex: See Chapter Guide, below.

Turing Oracle: A method for determining whether a given program ever halts. There is no algorithm to do this. Access to a Turing Oracle is near-godlike computing power. For instance, one could prove Fermat's Last Theorem (or almost any other theorem) by writing a program that tries all possible x, y, z, and n until it finds a solution of x^n y^n=z^n, then asking the Turing Oracle whether the program will ever find a solution. It would also factor large integers, fold proteins, etc.

Second-style -> conventional

  • 1 kilosecond: 16.7 minutes
  • 1 megasecond: 11.6 days
  • 1 gigasecond: 32 years
  • 1 terasecond: 32,000 years
  • 1 petasecond: 32,000,000 years
  • light second: 299,792,458 metres (not actually a unit of time)

Conventional -> second-style

  • 1 hour: 3.6 kiloseconds
  • 1 Earth day: 86.4 kiloseconds
  • 1 week: 604.8 kiloseconds
  • 1 Earth month (30 days): 2.6 megaseconds
  • 1 Earth year: 31.6 megaseconds
  • 1 century: 3.16 gigaseconds


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