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 Star Wars Nostalgia VS Star Trek Futurism

Electronic/World Wide Web>Message Posted to Online Forum/Discussion Group:  Bennett, Christopher L (Feb 12, 2018 10:23pm), Star Wars Nostalgia VS Star Trek Futurism, Retrieved on 2018-03-20
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    Folksonomies: futurism science fiction
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     Freeman Dyson's Brain

    Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Brand, Stewart and Dyson , Freeman (02.01.98), Freeman Dyson's Brain, Wired, Retrieved on 2016-06-22
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    Folksonomies: futurism optimism
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     Optimism and Access: The Line Between Cyberpunk and Post-...

    Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Older, Malka (Jun 8, 2016), Optimism and Access: The Line Between Cyberpunk and Post-Cyberpunk, tor.com, Retrieved on 2016-06-09
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    Folksonomies: culture futurism cyberpunk
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     20 Crucial Terms Every 21st Century Futurist Should Know

    Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Newitz, Annalee , 20 Crucial Terms Every 21st Century Futurist Should Know, Retrieved on 2016-05-30
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    Folksonomies: futurism oppression
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     Four Predictions for Students' Tomorrows

    Periodicals>Magazine Article:  Palmer, Erik (March 2016), Four Predictions for Students' Tomorrows, Educational Leadership, Retrieved on 2016-03-01
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    Folksonomies: education internet futurism
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     Cult of the cosmic: How space travel became the unofficia...

    Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  Raspopina, Sasha (2015), Cult of the cosmic: How space travel became the unofficial religion of the USSR, Retrieved on 2015-11-09
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    Folksonomies: futurism transhumanism
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     The Coming Artilect War

    Periodicals>Newspaper Article:  de Garis, Hugo (6/22/2009), The Coming Artilect War, Forbes, Retrieved on 2015-02-13
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    Folksonomies: futurism speciesism
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    Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Sirius, R.U. and Cornell, Jay (2015-01-01), Transcendence, Red Wheel Weiser, Retrieved on 2015-01-25
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     Accelerando Technical Companion

    Electronic/World Wide Web>Wiki:  Various, , Accelerando Technical Companion, Retrieved on 2014-11-14
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    Folksonomies: futurism
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     Programmable Matter: Concepts and Realization

    Periodicals>Journal Issue:  Toffoli, Tommaso and Margolus, Norman (1991), Programmable Matter: Concepts and Realization, Physics D, 47, Retrieved on 2014-11-07
  • Source Material [www.researchgate.net]
  • Folksonomies: computation futurism
    Folksonomies: computation futurism