Cool Science Facts

"There are a million points of light in the universe traveling a million miles an hour away from us, yet they are so far away they appear to be standing still."

"Estimate for # of planets in visible universe: 10^25, which = # molecules in a cup of water" Robert Garisto, PRL

"I'm is Juliet Retenford and my favorite science fact is that marmoset siblings are all genetic chimeras of each other because they all share a single placenta so a single circulation."

"Hi Dr. Jim Macena, University of Notre Dame. 3.6 million years of human evolutionary history can't be wrong mothers. If you're breastfeeding, sleep with your babies. It's all beneficial."

The summit of Mt. Everest is marine limestone. Ken Peterson

!! If world's population were packed as densely as Manhattan, it would fit in Colorado, says William Baker. Kelly Servick

"Because of the surface tension of water, little creatures like rats cannot urinate in a stream. They have to do it drop by drop."

The coldest known spot in the universe is on Earth. Thomas Sumner

Dung beetles navigates in the night by following the milky way! Nükleer Kedi

Inertial mass is (or at least seems to be!) the same thing as gravitational mass. JU Physics

The active brain takes but 20 watts of power in order to do every fancy thing it does. If we want to simulate that on a computer these days, it's going to take something like a full powerplant just to power that computer.

One spoonful of #soil contains more microbes than the earth contains humans. Colby Moorberg

There are between 10-100 billion neurons the brain, and each one makes more than 1,000 connections (synapses) with other neurons Celia Luterbacher that gravity is by far the weakest force in the universe.

Your fingernails grow about a nanometer a second. Tara Roberts


What happens when you ask scientists what their favorite science fact is.

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 What's the Coolest Science Fact You Know?
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