What if Extraterrestrials Spoke in Music?

Might interstellar communication not be messages but music--perhaps a 600 part invention, each part on an adjacent frequency channel? If there were more conventional representation of frequencies for example, the full frequency range corresponding to the range between 1420 and 1667 megahertz would we have the wit to distinguish this music from noise. Other forms of such many-part interstellar musical inventions might exist which each A civilization provides one part. Might we be able to recognize this as music by the harmonies or are what we consider harmonious a mere function of our biology? Notice that there are phenomena from the atomic to the stellar and galactic where harmonies and resonances are marked. Maybe the more spectacular of these have large audiences visiting to watch. It would be interesting to transcribe to music the Rankin polarization plots for quasars, or the amplitude variations of pulsars and OH sources.


With frequencies communicating ideas?

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 Interstellar music : note
Unpublished Work>Publication of Limited Circulation:  Sagan , Carl (June 21, 1973), Interstellar music : note, Retrieved on 2014-03-03
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