Our Works Live On Beyond Us

A few of the results of my activities as a scientist have become embedded in the very texture of the science I tried to serve—this is the immortality that every scientist hopes for. I have enjoyed the privilege, as a university teacher, of being in a position to influence the thought of many hundreds of young people and in them and in their lives I shall continue to live vicariously for a while. All the things I care for will continue for they will be served by those who come after me. I find great pleasure in the thought that those who stand on my shoulders will see much farther than I did in my time. What more could any man want?


Quoting Francis Albert Eley Crew's "The Meaning of Death."

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 The Humanist Outlook. Edited by A.J. Ayer
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Ayer, Alfred Jules (1968), The Humanist Outlook. Edited by A.J. Ayer, Retrieved on 2014-01-21
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