The Unfeeling Space of the Internet Makes Us Prize Physical Sensation More

Before the Internet, I made more trips to the library and more phone calls. I read more books and my point of view was narrower and less informed. I walked more, biked more, hiked more, and played more. I made love more often.


How has the Internet changed my thinking? The more I’ve loved and known it, the clearer the contrast, the more intense the tension between a physical life and a virtual life. The Internet stole my body, now a lifeless form hunched in front of a glowing screen. My senses dulled as my greedy mind became one with the global brain we call the Internet.

I am confident that I can find out about nearly anything online and also confident that in my time offline, I can be more fully alive. The only tool I’ve found for this balancing act is intention.


Stone notes that the Internet has caused her to enjoy the physical world less often, but more intensely when she does surround herself with it. The key being intention to be in one or the other at a particular time.

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 Navigating Physical and Virtual Lives
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Stone, Linda (January, 2010), Navigating Physical and Virtual Lives, Edge Foundation, Inc., Retrieved on 2011-02-09
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