Rule #1 Expand

Well, first thing’s first: we need to expand. We need to create a second base, and a third, and a fourth. We need to use our resources to build more resource-gathers, and fast. The enemy scouts are likely approaching already.

How might we do that? Well, there are only so many ways to make money in this world. We already have a day-job, which will act kind of like our home base, so now we need to expand to other types of revenue-producing activities that will serve as our satellite bases. These types of activities need to be relatively hands-off. They need to be placed strategically, as close to the resource as possible. And they need to be low-cost for us, because they are likely to be discovered and destroyed by the enemy at any time.

The first and easiest resource is probably app stores. We need to build several apps in different categories to start bringing in revenue from those areas. Maybe we’ll build an app for kids that has flashcards for each letter, and a picture of a fruit or animal or something on the back of it. Charge $0.99 for it (no in-app purchases, that’s not cool in kids’ apps), write a great discription and take good screenshots, then walk away. Then maybe we’ll build an app for business people that let’s them track their commute each morning. Kind of like RunKeeper or something. It will collect data about their morning and evening drive and start to show them metrics about it. Again, write a great discription and take good screenshots, then walk away.


Now let’s expand to another resource. Maybe it’s in the real world, like helping our buddy start his dream food truck and putting in a little of our cash in exchange for 5% equity. Or maybe it’s renting an apartment with one extra room, furnishing it really well, and renting it out on AirBnB. Or maybe we’ll find a local farm and agree to build a box of their monthly produce and sell it to our neighborhood for them, taking a small cut of each box sold. Whatever it is, expand, expand, expand.


Except, in real life, there is no enemy. The enemy is time. And time will defeat us, whether we own the entire map or not. Therefore, we have to use our resources to beat time at its own game.


This is sort of the strategy I take to my online persona, publishing blog posts, guest articles, CC books, etc, etc, creating an expansion of content to improve my online presence and reputation.

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 3 rules to approach life like a real-time strategy game
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