Science VS Economics

The spirit and method of Science arc the direct antithesis of magic.

It is science which has produced the "Machine Shop".

It is magic that has produced "Finance".

In the machine shop. Science rules only in so far as machine processes go: there its control stops.

The social control of the Machine Shop lies with the Towosis of Finance.

Thus it is that our Towosis (like those Of Trobriand) control not only the work, the workmen, the work shop — "industrial society" is only the Great Work Shop — but our Towosis run the scientists and Science itself!

The "natural" consequence of this non-social ("kept") position of scientists ami technicians, including our Towosi pensioned teachers and Professors of "Economics", is that they have acquired a bias in favor of parasitic Tricksy C. Towosi, both of which (i. e., Towosi and their bias in his favor) arc in pathetically ludicrous opposition to their own intellectual essence.

Towosieized Industry.

The existing mix-up of course is advantageous to Emperor Towosi of Finance, to the Kings Towosi of Commerce, to the Barons Towosi of Industry, and to all the lesser Towosis in their various degrees, and is naturally supported by them. Indeed, the functional mix-up, in large part, directly results from this perniciously parasitic pyramidal Towosi system of self-assumed autocratic rule.

The liberation of our Industrial Democracy from the baneful influence and Autocratic rule of Tricksy C. Towosi magic would make possible the elimination of the existing confusion, resulting from the chaotic intermingling of the component processes of Production, Distribution, and Direction, with enormously enhanced "freedom of opportunity" for "personal" initiative — self-expression.

The emancipation of science, of technology, of productive industry, and thus of all society, from the control of Tricksy C. Towosi (his mythical manufactured "credit" and his money magic) can only, as I see it, be accomplished by science nationalized — Technocracy.


An interesting perspective. Science is the workhorse, economics is the charlatan exploiting it.

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 Technocracy, First, Second and Third Series Social Universals
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Smyth, Admiral William Henry (2010-08), Technocracy, First, Second and Third Series Social Universals, Nabu Press, Retrieved on 2013-11-08
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    27 DEC 2013

     Economics is Not Science

    It is more akin to alchemy and witchcraft, lacking in scientific rigour.
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    Folksonomies: science scientific method