Each Scientists Adds Their Own to What Came Before

The advancement of science is slow; it is effected only by virtue of hard work and perseverance. And when a result is attained, should we not in recognition connect it with the efforts of those who have preceded us, who have struggled and suffered in advance? Is it not truly a duty to recall the difficulties which they vanquished, the thoughts which guided them; and how men of different nations, ideas, positions, and characters, moved solely by the love of science, have bequeathed to us the unsolved problem? Should not the last comer recall the researches of his predecessors while adding in his turn his contribution of intelligence and of labor? Here is an intellectual collaboration consecrated entirely to the search for truth, and which continues from century to century.


A search for truth continuing from century to century.

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11 JUN 2012

 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Passages that reflect the collective nature of science.
Folksonomies: science collectivism
Folksonomies: science collectivism