Life is Rebellion Against Chaos

Life is order, death is disorder. A fundamental law of Nature states that spontaneous chemical changes in the universe tend toward chaos. But life has, during milliards of years of evolution, seemingly contradicted this law. With the aid of energy derived from the sun it has built up the most complicated systems to be found in the universe—living organisms. Living matter is characterized by a high degree of chemical organisation on all levels, from the organs of large organisms to the smallest constituents of the cell. The beauty we experience when we enjoy the exquisite form of a flower or a bird is a reflection of a microscopic beauty in the architecture of molecules.


Death is chaos.

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 The Nobel Prize for Chemistry: Introductory Address
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    30 DEC 2013

     Life Fights Entropy

    Memes on the fact that life is increasing organization in a world of increasing chaos.
    Folksonomies: life entropy thermodynamics
    Folksonomies: life entropy thermodynamics