Darwin and Abraham Lincoln Were Born on the Same Day

Charles Darwin (fig. 4.1) was bom on the same day as Abraham Lincoln—February 12,1809. Like Lincoln, he was a liberating force for humankind, but instead of freeing people from slavery, he freed biology from the bondage of supernaturalism. Philosophers of science have long pointed to Darwinian evolution as the greatest scientific revolution within biology, comparable to the role of Newton's or Einstein's revolutionary ideas in physics or the plate tectonics revolution in geology. Before Darwin, it was possible (although increasingly dif¬ ficult) to see nature as divinely created as we see it, unchanged over thousands of years. After Darwin, all of life was subject to natural law, just as Newton had shown that the stars and planets followed natural laws and did not require God to move them.


And they both freed humans from chains that bound them.

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