The One Piece of Dogmatism Allowed the Scientist

It is the business of science to offer rational explanations for all the events in the real world, and any scientist who calls on God to explain something is falling down on his job. This applies as much to the start of the expansion as to any other event. If the explanation is not forthcoming at once, the scientist must suspend judgment: but if he is worth his salt he will always maintain that a rational explanation will eventually be found. This is the one piece of dogmatism that a scientist can allow himself—and without it science would be in danger of giving way to superstition every time that a problem defied solution for a few years.


That a rational explanation will eventually be found.

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 The mystery of the expanding universe
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Bonnor , William B. (1964), The mystery of the expanding universe, Retrieved on 2012-01-23
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    03 APR 2011


    Memes on seeing the world as it really is.