There is No "Smell Pixel"

There is no way to interpolate between two smell molecules. True, odors can be mixed together to form millions of scents. But the world’s smells can’t be broken down into just a few numbers on a gradient; there is no “smell pixel.” Think of it this way: colors and sounds can be measured with rulers, but odors must be looked up in a dictionary.


Odors are not analog, they must be looked up in a dictionary.

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 You Are Not A Gadget
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    16 APR 2013

     Sensory Libraries

    There is No "Smell Pixel" > Similarity > The Sensory Database
    Vision and hearing are analog, but smell references a library. Cybernetic senses would also be linked to a library to explain what the user is sensing.


    25 MAR 2013

     Science Reveals the World Beyond Our Senses

    Microscopes, X-Rays, Telescopes, and other instruments reveal the hidden world we cannot see with our five senses. Science increases what we can know beyond our physical limitations.
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    Folksonomies: cognition senses prosthesis