Truth in Minute Ammounts

The universe flows, carrying with it milky ways and worlds, Gondwanas and Eurasias, inconsistent visions and clumsy systems. But the good conceptual models, these serena templa of intelligence on which several masters have worked, never disappear entirely. They are the great legacy of the past. They linger under more and more harmonious forms and actually never cease to grow. They bring solace by the great art that is inseparable from them. Their permanence relies on the immortal poetry of truth, of the truth that is given to us in minute amounts, foretelling an order whose majesty dominates time.


A beautiful description of reality revealed through nature.

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 Tectonics of Asia
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  Argand , Emile (1924), Tectonics of Asia, Hafner, Retrieved on 2011-09-08
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