Ingress Operation Solstice

Enlightened believe in science, observation, and understanding of natural phenomenon. The word Solstice reflects that on this one day, the sun stands still How did the ancients explain this? With Fear or Celebration? They turned to astronomy and the observation of the heavenly bodies that dance in the depths of space. Just like our ancient fore-bearers, we believe that XM needs to be observed, understood, and celebrated, not feared and locked out of the portals that surround us. We celebrate the solstice as a sign of our embracing the understanding of the universe. Turbulent times are fast approaching. The Resistance is fear, anti-XM, anti-science. XM has been here since recorded history, and we have not been wiped out, invaded, or brain-controlled. We reject shutting off all possibility of studying XM. #OPSolstice #XMisNatural #XMisScience #WorldKeepsTurning  Agents around the world were inspired to create massive starbursts, fields and field arts throughout the day.


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 #Ingress Field Report
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