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Is coding the new literacy?

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21 APR 2011

 Jamie Zawinski on Different Kinds of Programming

There's obviously different kinds of programming. Without people who are not like me none of this would exist. But I've always seen much more in common with writing prose than math. It feels like you're writing a story and you're trying to express a concept to a very dumb person-the computer—who has a limited vocabulary. You've got this concept you want to express and limited tools to express it with. What words do you use and what does your I thing.
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Programming has much in common with prose.

21 APR 2011

 L Peter Deutsch: Everyone Will Need to Become Computer Li...

You know the old story about the telephone and the telephone operators? The story is. sometime fairly early in the adoption of the telephone, when it was clear that use of the telephone was just expanding at an incredible rate, more and more people were having to be hired to work as operators because we didn't have dial telephones. Someone extrapolated the growth rate and said, "My God. By 20 or years from now, every single person will have to be a telephone operator." Well, that's what happe...
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Just as everyone had to become telephone operators.


21 APR 2011

 Coders at Work: Reflections on the Craft of Programming

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