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28 MAR 2012

 Teaching Children About Death

In a discussion on my blog regarding teaching kids about death, one of my readers commented that he uses a book called Lifetimes, by Bryan Mellonie. He explained that the book describes the lifetimes of various living things and focuses on the life that happens in between birth and death. He explained, “I tell my kids that they do continue, not only in the life matter and lineage cycle, but as part of the world/universe per se. ‘The world produced life and us along with it. We are not se...
Folksonomies: death parenting atheism
Folksonomies: death parenting atheism
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Various strategies for secularists to teach children this fact of life.

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 Parenting Beyond Belief
Books, Brochures, and Chapters>Book:  McGowan , Dale (2007-04-25), Parenting Beyond Belief, Amacom Books, Retrieved on 2012-03-28
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