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    15 JUN 2011

     Comparing European and American Mammals and Livestock

        Europe. America.   lb. lb.     Mammoth Buffalo. Bison   *1800 White bear. Ours blanc     Caribou. Renne     Bear. Ours 153.7 *410 Elk. Elan. Orignal, palmated     Red deer. Cerf 288.8 *273 Fallow deer. Daim 167.8   Wolf. Loup 69.8   Roe. Chevreuil 56.7   Glutton. Glouton. Carcajou     Wild cat. Chat sauvage   30 Lynx. Loup cervier 25.   Beaver. Castor 18.5 *45 Badger. Blaireau 13.6   Red Fox. Renard 13.5   Grey Fox. Isatis     Otter. Loutre 8.9 12 Monax. Marmotte ...
    Folksonomies: nature naturalism data classic
    Folksonomies: nature naturalism data classic
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    Jefferson cataloges the sizes of animals in the two continents in order to refute the European idea that animals are larger and more advanced in the old world.