Periodicals>Newspaper Article:  Lemann, Nicholas (1997-11-01), The Reading Wars, The Atlantic, Retrieved on 2019-03-02
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    02 MAR 2019

     Reading Wars of the 1990s

    WHOLE-language theory holds that learning to read and write English is analogous to learning to speak it -- a natural, unconscious process best fostered by unstructured immersion. In an atmosphere rich in simple printed texts and in reading aloud, small children make a wondrous associative leap from knowing the alphabet to being able to read whole words. Their minds receive print as if each word were a Chinese ideogram. If a word is unfamiliar it can be skipped, guessed at, or picked up from ...
    Folksonomies: teaching pedagogy literacy
    Folksonomies: teaching pedagogy literacy
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    Site Words VS Phonics. If English was phonetical, we could focus on one strategy, but because many spellings don't match their pronunciations we must also memorize Sight Words as if they were Chinese ideograms.