Periodicals>Journal Article:  Kasparov, Gary (2018-12-07), Chess is the Drosophila of Reasoning, Science 07 Dec 2018:, Vol. 362, Issue 6419, pp. 1087, Retrieved on 2019-03-02
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    02 MAR 2019

     Chess is the Drosophila of Reasoning

    Much as the Drosophila melanogaster fruit fly became a model organism for geneticists, chess became a Drosophila of reasoning. In the late 19th century, Alfred Binet hoped that understanding why certain people excelled at chess would unlock secrets of human thought. Sixty years later, Alan Turing wondered if a chess-playing machine might illuminate, in the words of Norbert Wiener, “whether this sort of ability represents an essential difference between the potentialities of the machine and ...
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