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    13 APR 2011

     The Circle of the Brain cannot be Squared

    A Circle round divided in four partsHath been great Study 'mongst the men of Arts;Since Archimed's or Euclid's time, each BrainHath on a Line been stretched, yet all in Vain;And every Thought hath been a Figure set,Doubts Cyphers were, Hopes as Triangles met;There was Division and Subtraction made,And Lines drawn out, and Points exactly laid,But none hath yet by Demonstration foundThe way, by which to Square a Circle round:For while the Brain is round, no Square will be,While Thoughts divi...
    Folksonomies: science philosophy poetry
    Folksonomies: science philosophy poetry
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    A poem about the brain, quantification, and human curiosity.