Electronic/World Wide Web>Internet Article:  MATSA, KILEY, GOTTFRIED, MITCHELL (OCTOBER 21, 2014), Political Polarization & Media Habits, PewResearch Center, Retrieved on 2015-05-08
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    08 MAY 2015

     The Social Network Political Bubble

    In the growing social media space, most users encounter a mix of political views. But consistent conservatives are twice as likely as the typical Facebook user to see political opinions on Facebook that are mostly in line with their own views (47% vs. 23%). Consistent liberals, on average, hear a somewhat wider range of views than consistent conservatives – about a third (32%) mainly see posts in line with their own opinions. But that doesn’t mean consistent liberals necessarily embrace ...
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    Liberals are more likely to defriend conservatives, but Conservatives are less likely to have liberal friends to defriend in the first place.