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    18 JUN 2013

     Characteristics of Good Computer RPG Games

    RPG players are challenged to build many physical, mental, magical, and alliance- oriented traits and leanings for their characters, and to then build relationships with other characters as well. There is a natural design emphasis on how characters are built, and what building a character then means in the context of that character’s world. RPGs can be heavy on asset creation in art, because multiple character types, features, unique abilities, costuming, settings, props, items, and specia...
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    • Emphasis on character building and character relations
    • Asset-intensive
    • Developing a character system matrix
    • Melding characters with action
    • Female gaming audience/emphasis on social interaction
    • Story intensive
    18 JUN 2013

     Developing Puzzle Games Requires Experimentations need fewer art assets to build a simple puzzle game. This is very good news for small developers, and for those just starting out in gaming. One or two people can build a world-class puzzle game. It would be next to impossible for one or two people to build a world-class third-person action game from scratch (and be finished by the end of the millennium). Puzzle games generally require puzzle pieces, such as blocks, widgets, shapes, or gizmos of some kind. Once you have built these obj...
    Folksonomies: game development
    Folksonomies: game development
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    The entry-bar for building a puzzle game is low because they don't require many complex graphics, but the rhythm and heartbeat of the game require playing with variables and tweaking ideas.