03 APR 2015 by ideonexus

 Centireading: Reading a Book 100 Times

After a hundred reads, familiarity with the text verges on memorisation – the sensation of the words passing over the eyes like cud through the fourth stomach of a cow. Centireading belongs to the extreme of reader experience, the ultramarathon of the bookish, but it’s not that uncommon. To a certain type of reader, exposure at the right moment to Anne of Green Gables or Pride and Prejudice or Sherlock Holmes or Dune can almost guarantee centireading. Christmas is devoted to reading books...
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29 DEC 2013 by ideonexus

 Morse Code Syllabic Mnemonics

LetterMorse CodeMnemonicA·-a-JARB-···BOOT to the headC-·-·CO-ca CO-laD-··DRAC-u-laF··-·for the FAIR-esG--.GOO-GOL-plex (a 1 with a googol zeros)H····hippity hopI··dig-It, ibid.J·---he's-J-JONAH-JAMESONK-·-KICK the CAN,L·-··to 'ELL with it!M--MMMM-MMMMN-·NOO-gieO---ONE OF USP·--·did POP POP itQ--·-GOD SAVE the QUEENR·-·ro-TA-tionU··-gid-dy UPV···-Beethoven's FIFTH (V'th)W·--the WORLD WARX-··-X marks the SPOTZ--··ZSA ZSA did it
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A chart of syllables to help memorize morse code.