01 JAN 2012 by ideonexus

 Sports on Phobos

Because of their small sizes, Phobos and Deimos have very low gravitational accelerations. Their gravities do not pull very hard. The pull on Phobos is only about one one-thousandth of that on Earth. If you can perform a standing high jump of two or three feet on Earth, you could perform a standing high jump of half a mile on Phobos. It would not take many such jumps to circumnavigate Phobos. They would be graceful, slow, arcing leaps, taking many minutes to reach the high point of the self-p...
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How the low gravity and tiny size of Mars' moon would affect the game.

03 MAR 2011 by ideonexus

 By the Toll of a Billion Deaths Have Humans Earned our Ri...

These germs of disease have taken toll of humanity since the beginning of things–taken toll of our prehuman ancestors since life began here. But by virtue of this natural selection of our kind we have developed resisting power; to no germs do we succumb without a struggle, and to many–those that cause putrefaction in dead matter, for instance–our living frames are altogether immune… By the toll of a billion deaths man has bought his birthright of the earth, and it is his against all c...
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In H.G. Wells "War of the Worlds" the Martians are killed by bacteria on Earth, we are immune to these bacteria from billions of years of evolution. We own the Earth having spent the blood of billions of lives to evolve into it.