10 AUG 2011 by ideonexus

 The Assassin Seeks Preemptive Grace

The President held up his hand. Preemptive penance and absolution were doctrines researched and developed by the Consistorial Court, but not known to the wider Church. They involved doing penance for a sin not yet committed, intense and fervent penance accompanied by scourging and flagellation, so as to build up, as it were, a store of credit. When the penance had reached the appropriate level for a particular sin, the penitent was granted absolution in advance, though he might never be calle...
Folksonomies: religion grace hypocrisy
Folksonomies: religion grace hypocrisy
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Before committing a sin, a mercenary hired by the church does penance beforehand, so they may know they are still in grace after the crime.