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 Economics Uses Magical Language

A common feature in systems of magic is animism — attributing to inanimate objects the functions of life, assuming things to possess will, purpose, and power. It is significant (though quite in keeping) that "Economists" and "Financiers" have this characteristic at- titude of mind towards, and employ animistic forms of expression in writing and talking about "Money" and "Capital." Whether this is due to unconscious belief in magic or is mere metaphor, the result, in either case, is befo...
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It's use of animism in describing the economy is suspect, but the same metaphors are used in real science as well.

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 Language Distinguishes Humans from the Rest of Nature

If it were possible to transfer the methods of physical or of biological science directly to the study of man, the transfer would long ago have been made ... We have failed not for lack of hypotheses which equate man with the rest of the universe, but for lack of a hypothesis (short of animism) which provides for the peculiar divergence of man ... Let me now state my belief that the peculiar factor in man which forbids our explaining his actions upon the ordinary plane of biology is a highly ...
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Hypothesis of Leonard Bloomfield.