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 Glendon's rough definitions of science-art

Glendon's rough definitions of science-art (full post here):   5 types of Science Art: 1. Scientific Illustration - Examples: Carl Buell, Albrecht Durer, John Gurche, Kennis and Kennis, many artists’ work at the Guild of Natural Scientific Illustrators. 2. Science Fine Art & Design - Examples: Felice Frankel, Marc Quinn, Paul Walde, Wim Delvoye. 3. Art using scientific subjects as a springboard - Examples: Dali’s Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus), Archimboldo, Lynn ...
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Five types of science-art with links to the examples.

01 JAN 2010 by ideonexus

 Oulipo - "workshop of potential literature"

Finally elaborated, this definition remains the Oulipo's rule. In his conversations with Charbonnier, Queneau returns to it nearly word for word: The word "potential" concerns the very nature of literature; that is, fundamentally it's less a question of literature strictly speaking than of supplying forms for the good use one can make of literature. We call potential literature the search for new forms and structures that may be used by writers in any way they see fit. Finally, and more recen...
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Example: a book of poems, with each line of the poem given its own cut on the page, so that you can flip individual lines and create new poems. An early form of mashup.