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 Review Your Social Media Timeline to Improve Your Sense o...

In an experiment at Cornell, stressed college students randomly assigned to scroll through their own Facebook profiles for five minutes experienced boosts in self-affirmation compared to students who looked at a stranger’s Facebook profile. The researchers believe self-affirmation comes from reminiscing on past meaningful interactions — seeing photos they had been tagged in and comments their friends had left — as well as reflecting on one’s own past posts, where a person chooses how ...
Folksonomies: social media self-worth
Folksonomies: social media self-worth
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These are various notes from session hosts and members of the audience during this session:

  • www.blueearth.org – neat wave effect on the site.
  • Escaping the Ivory Tower – photography publicizes work.
  • We create visual narratives about ourselves on facebook.
  • It’s important for people at organizations to take their own photos for people to use. The photo is the first thing to catch your eye.
  • Strobist.blogspot.com – light tutorials, photoshop and gimp for post production,
  • Graphitti archeology project – photo documents the evolution of walls over time. Scientists photograph environments, documenting change.
  • Neil _____: building a community of science photographers
  • Online photography community is enormous, amateurs who want to take photos but don’t know what to shoot.
  • Naturescapes.net
  • Birdphotographer.net
  • Bugguy.net
  • Bloggers think of photographers as collaborators.
  • Photos illustrate, convey ideas, create visual representations of concepts
  • Kids might not have professional cameras, but it’s good to get them taking photos with their phones as a means of getting them into photography.
  • Gigapan Project: a camera robot takes thousands of photos, which get stitched together and allow you to zoom in for incredible detail
  • What’s the best image? Steve from Scientific American: If you can get a shot that gets rid of 400 lines of copy.
  • Science in the Triangle writer: break out of the average, learn how to use the camera and turn off its automatic feature
  • Zenfolio – more professional photos
  • Should writers do the photography, or should they collaborate with photographers. Photographers can miss things the writer thinks are important.
  • “The best camera is the one you have with you.” – the photographer’s maxim
  • Deviantart
  • Istockphoto - $1 to $10 photos
  • Discrimination Learning: everything looks the same at first, pay attention to the images that interest you to become more distinguished
  • Fillflash – use it, good for evening out shadows, especially at noon or in bright light
  • Caption images in your head as you take them.
  • Stories Behind the Greatest Photos in Sports – HBO documentary
  • 365 Project – take and post one photo a day for a year
  • Visualscience at discover website
  • Theartofscience.posterous.com – photos through microscopes