30 APR 2012 by ideonexus

 Chemistry Logic is a Triumph of the Human Mind

The ingenuity and effective logic that enabled chemists to determine complex molecular structures from the number of isomers, the reactivity of the molecule and of its fragments, the freezing point, the empirical formula, the molecular weight, etc., is one of the outstanding triumphs of the human mind.
Folksonomies: logic ingenuity
Folksonomies: logic ingenuity
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It is ingenius and effective logic.

30 JAN 2011 by ideonexus

 How Much Would a Heavier Helium Atom Affect the Pitch of ...

Cyko_01: does it make your voice go higher or lower when inhaled? Menkhaf: I guess it was a joke, but it should be rather simple to determine: if the gas if lighter than the atmosphere you're breathing, your voice will be lighter if you inhale this. sploxx: To be more specific, the molecular weight of normal He to He with one muon attached is roughly 4.1/4.0. The change in pitch relative to breathing He should be the square root of that ratio, which is a change of about 1.2%. For someone wi...
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If inhaled, how much would a helium atom altered to have a heavier muon substituted in place of an electron to resemble hydrogen affect the pitch of your voice?